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Customer Testimonials

"Just wanted to let you know that of all the web interfaces I am forced to upload ad material through, YOUR'S ROCKS above all the rest. Great job!"
Dave Lazarus
GroundZero Design

"It is always a pleasure to work with your company. Siempre es un placer el trabajar con su empresa."
Emilio Alfaro Ruiz
National Advertising Director
Spanish Communtiy Newspaper Group, Inc.

"I appreciate all the 'hand-holding!' And, I also appreciate how well AdTransit works for us, and how professional, and essential a tool this has become for us."
Anne Damianos
SATELLITE advertising & design

"AdTransit is just as I had heard, 'Great'."
Bonnie Strong-Barnes
Digital Ad Representative
Los Angeles Times

"We enjoy transmitting ads nationally to over 30 newspapers via AdTransit! Two major dailies insist on using either WAM!NET or AdDirect respectfully. These services have relatively awful, awkward user interfaces, and require wasted time on our part. We need to persuade these publications to come onboard for quick, easy and trouble-free transmittal via AdTransit."
Avery Herman
Creative Director
A.G. Herman Advertising

"Thank you for your help in getting the ad across to the New York Times so takes me longer to walk across the road and buy a newspaper, than it does to get a digital advert nearly half way around the world."
Mark Comer
Pre-Press Operative
York England

"AdTransit is greatly appreciated and respected as a most reliable way of receiving advertising material."
Joe DiPaolo
Graphics Design Manager
Burlington County Times

"I love AdTransit - I couldn't manage without it!"
Wade Bennett
Assistant Director for Advertising
Columbia University Continuing Education

"I would like to say AdTransit is working Great! We've been getting so much feedback from customers on how much they love using your service."
Tom Schiavone
Remote Ad Department

"We have been using AdTransit for just under a year, and it is fantastic!"
Elise Gott
Production Manager
Tweeter Home Entertainment Group

"AdTransit's amazing service and support rocks!"
Jose Valle
Helix Ltd/Helix Camera and Video

"AdTransit is:
1) easy to navigate;
2) much needed; and
3) a great and convenient instrument to send ads to newspapers."

Iveisse Brooks
Vice President

"AdTransit is Outstanding!

I wanted to let you know that AdTransit is the best service I have ever seen on the internet! I am in awe how you have created such an organized structure on your site and how reliable transmission and service has been.

With the hassle, expense time to register and "training" involved with services like AdSend and AdDirect, I can't believe they have any business if anyone has heard of your service."

Don Vanderhoef
Account Executive
M&J The Separation and Prepress House

"I have been using AdTransit for a week now and think it's the absolute greatest thing since Pub Draft Guinness..."
Joe Stangarone
Art Director

"AdTransit is a boon to small agencies like mine. I love your service."
Greg White
Great White Advertising

"I've been wanting to make you aware of the outstanding service AdTransit has been providing to Merging Media to make sending ads a speedy and efficient process. They are constantly developing new options on the site and asking for feedback to improve in any way they can, including the new archive tracking feature that enables us to view ads after they were sent to ensure accuracy on our end."
Cheri Poirer
Production Coordinator
Merging Media
Agency for Radio Shack and Sprint PCS

"Email notifications that I receive from AdTransit are a tremendous benefit. Often our main office can't fax me a copy of ads in time. With AdTransit, not only am I notified that the ad has been transmitted, but I get a copy of the PDF. As a Sales Rep., you've made my life a lot easier. Keep up the good work!"
Rebecca Jordan
"A fan of B-Linked's AdTransit!"
Sales Representative
San Francisco Chronicle

"Thank you so much for the fast turnaround. When one can't depend on FedEx for same day delivery, it's great to have AdTransit to do the job. Thanks."
Priti Patel
Fine Print Advertising

"You offer an outstanding service. I would not have made the deadline without your help!"
Becky Summers
Advertising & Promotions Manager
UC Davis Health System

"AdTransit is my favorite e-service. I love the ease and clarity of the site."
Iris Karp
Iris Karp Design

"We have found to be the best solution for our member newspapers and our advertisers."
Dean Ridings
President & CEO, Florida Press Service
Florida Press Association

"We advertise with nearly 80 newspapers across the country and currently need to use 4-5 different methods of ad delivery. I look forward to the day when every paper is on the AdTransit network because it is by far the best service on the market. We strongly recommend to all papers that we deal with that they use"
David Borgen
Director of Advertising
Jennifer Convertibles

"AdTransit is by far the easiest way we have ever transmitted ad materials. No hardware or software to purchase, maintain or configure, it makes the job quick and easy! I recommend AdTransit to anyone who needs to transfer or receive digital ad materials. If everything was just this fast, reliable and easy!!!"
Joe Henkel
Advertising IS Manager
The Wiz®

"Last fall, Detroit Newspapers decided it was time to kill e-mail ad delivery as an option for our customers. By removing a poor option for both the customer and the newspaper we are improving customer service by sending our advertisers and ad agencies to AdTransit. Today, we receive more electronic ads than ever, the majority of them via

AdTransit has a simple interface for both the customer and newspaper. We can download an ad directly from and place it into our workflow in seconds. For a large newspaper operation with Advertising and Production on separate floors, AdTransit's email ticketing allows Advertising to process the orders to Prepress without delay and the process is streamlined.

To sum it all up, covers all the bases we need to effectively produce two major metropolitan newspapers with a combined circulation making us the size of a "Top 10" daily. And the best part of all is that we have given back ZERO dollars because an ad never arrived, or the email system went down."
Vince Kern
Composing Room Manager
Detroit Newspapers
(Detroit Free-Press and The Detroit News)

"Since Wakefern started using AdTransit for transmitting our ShopRite grocery ads, we have found the speed to be seconds, rather than minutes when compared to using other methods. We hope that B-Linked is successful in signing up the balance of the papers we send to (for selfish reasons) and that others see the benefits and sign up too. Good luck and continued success."
Alan Crosby
Network Administrator--Mac
Wakefern Food Corporation

"AdTransit has given our advertisers a fast, cost effective and reliable alternative to some of the other digital delivery services out there. Unlike Email file transfers, our work flow has improved dramatically due to adtransit's capability of immediately notifying our production area of a delivery seconds after the advertiser sends it. Adtransit has made it possible for us to discontinue the helter skelter world of Email."
Richard Mondello
Publication & Ad Production Manager
New York Post

"Strong Advertising has tried many services and methods for moving our automotive ads. is the best because it is fast, low cost, easy to use, and reliable. We love the peace of mind we get from e-mail confirmations."
Brian Horn
Graphic Artist
Strong Advertising

"AdTransit is the simple, centralized and cost effective solution to the thorny issue of digital file transmission. The new web interface is refreshingly reliable and direct. I can be confident everything I send through AdTransit gets where it's going with as little complication as the digital age allows."
Matt Bodkin
Art Director
Selective Advertising

"Finding AdTransit for our company was a key reason for my promotion. Getting ads to newspapers used to be a major pain until we switched to your service. Our old method of E-mail is not acceptable for time sensitive ad delivery."
Richard DePippo
Advertising Manager
Creative Playthings